Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thirty-plus years of legacy after legacy after legacy!

Onnisbrook Kennels
For over thirty years, Onnisbrook Kennels has been dedicated to producing German Shepherds with an unmistakable look of balance and beauty. The genetic combination of balance and beauty has been formed over far more than three decades by many of the greatest dogs of the breed. That is a balance of beauty and brains and every most desirable trait of the German Shepherd. We believe it is the right of those who own the German Shepherd to love the look of this magnificent breed with every glance and in everywhere you go.
Since 1982
Show * Service * Companion 





We breed for the total German Shepherd. 

What you see is a result of decades of dedication
and commitment to the breed. 

It's also about a hard to find classic look of beauty and balance 
that goes beyond skin deep. 

We believe most discriminating buyers  
want a dog that can please the eye
at every glance.

We feel a well made German Shepherd can do that 
better than any dog in the world.

And with that, every buyer wants classic temperament
(that's flawless) that made the German Shepherd 
one of the most loved breeds of all time. 

That would also be true of the intelligence, loyalty, 
and level headed mind that makes the German Shepherd so famous.

Many fanciers of the breed also tell us they want a healthy companion. 
This way, they can bypass expenses and personal challenges 
of addressing health issues.

Our achievements over the past 30 years have been built 
on genetics of some of the finest dogs in the world
known for producing all of the above.   

... genetics famous for health, intelligence, 
train ability, temperament, self-confidence, sound hips, 
and a look that speaks for itself 
everywhere you go!

"Let your next German Shepherd 
be a total delight to behold!"

Hello Friend,

If I can help you get what you want in  
your next pup, just ask.

Mark Dean
Iron Mountain, Michigan

Trained and untrained pups! 

For show, work, & companion!

All colors ... 
Saddles, Sables, Bi-colors, and Solid blacks ...


(pregnant girl ... ha, ha)


(Her eight week puppy pic)

(His 13 week puppy pic)

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