Sunday, October 9, 2011

German Shepherds  of Distinction


 Trained and untrained puppies available now! 

Solid black female 

Ooney vom Spitzenhund
"An exceptional dog for working and sport enthusiasts!"
Born April 17, 2015


Ooney has nicely balanced confirmation as well as a gorgeous head. 
The influence of Bomber and Eiko are both apparent in her look.  

All of here drives are fully in tacked as well. For those seeking 
an excellent dog for working or sport, she has all of the stuff including 
the brag-rights that go with owning of dog with such a 
world-class pedigree as hers. 

 Ooney's father is IPO3 Eiko vom Indlinger Hof KKl1
Mother is SG Chelsey Equifarm Sch1, is 
daughter of legendary Sch3 Bomber vom Wolfsheim KKL1
(shown below).

House trained, crate trained, and started in obedience.

* Exceptional Twelve week old male *
Click here to watch his video

 * One sable female available * 
Born May 30, 2015
Father is IPO3 Eiko vom Indlinger Hof KKl1
Mother is  Roxy vom Hessenstein Schh.1 KKL1

* New litter * Born July 4th!
Big boys with big blockie heads!
REAL nice lookers!




Three LARGE BONE male puppies.
These are half brothers to the black sable female Sierra
at the bottom of this page.


Vax is SOLD!

"Vax" is a gorgeous, eleventh month old 
solid black male puppy. 

He is one very remarkable dog. He is very smart, 

he's very gorgeous, and possesses super temperament!!

The best companion dog you could ever own!

(Much less cost than a Harley and twice as fun!)


Hello Friend. My name is Mark Dean. I am an avid believer in the German Shepherd Dog. I've been at this game for over thirty five years. There's not much about this breed which I don't know. I'm also a self employed entrepreneur. Besides showing people how to thrive financially by working from home, I'm also involved in protecting the integrity of the German Shepherd breed so people can enjoy everything best about this dog for decades to come.  

As such, I am the marketing director for Spitzenhund Kennels. I oversee puppy sales and puppy placements. The mission here is to provide for our clients the absolute finest German Shepherds available anywhere. We do this through key alliances with a very select group of key strategic partners within the U.S. and Europe. This alliance helps us at Spitzenhund Kennels to be stronger, bigger, and better to serve our clients with the very best dogs for their purpose.

Whether it be for police work, competition sport, or the most remarkable companion dog for sheer enjoyment and family protection, we serve our clients with the finest dogs available. 

This is in order to do our best to honor this breed and continue the most notable qualities of this breed for generations to come.

Spitzenhund Kennels is one of the top kennels on the globe for those seeking the classic style German Shepherd. That's different from the roached, curve top lines and dropped down rear ends commonly seen from the West German show ring. It's also different from common working dogs that have been bred title after title for pure performance without adequate attention to the true athletic ability and beauty of dogs built right which comes from correct structure. 

To us, classic style and classic beauty capture the eye like nothing else will. That's in both mind and body. To us, a dog must be proportionately correct to follow correct form and function. This classic standard is the same which made this breed so loved from the start. And of course, health of our dogs is also a passion of ours.

 Are we doing right for the breed? 

We think the results speak for themselves. 

Pictured below is one of our Bomber grand daughters.

At Spitzenhund, our puppy buyers get what they want. 
They can also choose between either an untrained or  trained pup.


Mark Dean
4markdean  ((@))

All colors ... 
Saddles, Sables, Bi-colors, and Solid blacks ...

Puppy inquiries to Mark Dean