Sunday, October 9, 2011

German Shepherds  of Graceland

German Shepherds of distinction

Our mission was, is, and always will be to produce 
the most distinctive qualities of the German Shepherd,
including the most gorgeous.

Nearly fifty years ago, one man's passion for the breed 
created a legacy within the breed. 

In short, he produced a genetic line rich in quality for reproducing 
the outstanding classic look of the German Shepherd Dog. 
It was perhaps the most pleasing look ever documented in the breed.

It also included the most sought after working lines with 
the most documented results for reproducing the top mental qualities 
of the German Shepherd. 

The goal was to produce the "total" German Shepherd, 
show dogs which could work and working 
dogs which could show.

It produced numerous new quality markers within the breed.

The rest is history. Today, the legacy lives on through a team of highly selective breeders. 

Breeding for health, temperament, intelligence, working ability, movement, and every classic quality which makes 
this breed so loved.
Show * Companion * Service * Protection 

Picture compliments of Walter Burkey Jr., Owner





We offer both trained and untrained pups.

Mark Dean
Iron Mountain, Michigan
4markdean  ((@))

All colors ... 
Saddles, Sables, Bi-colors, and Solid blacks ...


(pregnant girl ... ha, ha)


(Her eight week puppy pic)

(His 13 week puppy pic)

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