Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thirty-plus years of legacy after legacy after legacy:

German Shepherds  of Graceland

For over thirty years, our dedication to hall-of-fame genetics of the breed have produced for us an unmistakable achievement in classic structural look. 

Here is where beauty goes beyond skin deep. Equally important to us is the rest of the package ... health, temperament, intelligence, physical agility and stamina, and 
every classic quality which makes 
this breed so loved.
Since 1982
Show * Service * Companion 






May your next German Shepherd show the obvious! 
May it have that distinctive classic look of quality 
which comes from German Shepherds of Graceland!

Hello Friend,

If I can help you get what you want in  
your next pup, just ask.

Mark Dean
Iron Mountain, Michigan

Trained and untrained pups! 

For show, work, service, & companion!

All colors ... 
Saddles, Sables, Bi-colors, and Solid blacks ...


(pregnant girl ... ha, ha)


(Her eight week puppy pic)

(His 13 week puppy pic)

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