Sunday, October 9, 2011

German Shepherds  of Graceland

German Shepherds of distinction

Nearly fifty years ago, one man's love for the breed was the inspiration for an idea. In short, the German Shepherd could have all of the greatest qualities built upon the greatest genetics across of the globe, beyond national origin, beyond country borders, beyond wavering styles of the show ring. The rest is history. It was a  catchy idea with obvious results. Today, the legacy lives on with a handful of dedicated breeders. 

For more than three decades, one small group of dedicated breeders has produced a remarkable standard in the breed.

 This includes everything finest from the breed. That's from 
the most classic original show lines of our choice for 
the best in structure pleasing to the eye. 

This also includes most reliable temperament from the most famous 
West German working lines. We've been fussy too to only include 
working dogs which meet our standards of structurally correct. 

This also includes East Germany's top producing dogs, and top show dogs, 
the most concentrated group of top lines ever introduced to North America. 

We breed for the "total" German Shepherd

appearance pleasing to the eye * health * temperament * intelligence * train-ability * eagerness to please * physical stamina * etc.

Every classic quality which makes this breed so loved.
Since 1982
Show * Companion * Service * Protection 

Owned by Walter Burkey Jr





We offer both trained and untrained pups.

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All colors ... 
Saddles, Sables, Bi-colors, and Solid blacks ...


(pregnant girl ... ha, ha)


(Her eight week puppy pic)

(His 13 week puppy pic)

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